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Hi! My name is Jenn Best and I'm a photographer in North Vancouver, BC specializing in stylish weddings and whimsical portraiture. Really though, I just love photographing people; their personalities, their moments, their memories, their lives.

This blog is all about sharing the world as I see it. This is where I will share great photos of my amazing clients, great products for my amazing clients and all the things that are special in my life: the people, the places and the things.

Feel free to look around, stay a while and if the fancy strikes you, please leave a comment - that would make my day. Thanks for coming by and I hope you enjoy seeing what I see.

All my best, Jenn :)

Alicia Keats + Style Me Pretty Living = Magic

I don’t really have a whole lot of words to show how excited I am about this one.

Alicia Keats of Alicia Keats Weddings & Events is not only an amazing person but also, a beyond amazing planner.  She has such a heart for her couples and for celebrating life’s joys.  Whenever we get to work with her we know that the day will be all about the love that exists in and around her couple.  We know that the day will be seamless, easy and joyful.  So when she asked us to come and create some new images for her of her, her equally amazing team and her new beautiful office space (which she co-created and shares with the amazingly talented Love by Phoebe) we were beyond tickled pink - hee hee.

And today, Alicia and her office are featured on Style Me Pretty Living - a site that I get way way way too easily lost in.

One of my life long passions has always been interior design.  I used to spend every weekend re-arranging my bedroom as a kid.  I can even remember a friend’s mom threatening to take us to Ikea if she didn’t behave.  I thought this sounded like the best thing ever!  So it’s pretty cool to be featured on our first design blog too.

A big toast to all things loving, joyful and beautiful.  And to those that celebrate life and share themselves with others.

Go see all the pretty things in Alicia’s new office.  And we hope you fall in love with her as much as we are.  Oh, and BONUS - she shares tips and tricks on planning your own stylish event.



Valentines has always been a fun holiday for me.  Especially since it’s when Scott proposed all those years ago.  So Congrats to all those who have or are getting engaged today.  And lots of love, joy, beauty, sparkle and pretty drinks for everyone.  Hope you know you are loved.


What a difference a year makes.  I’m not feeling like I’m able to spill all the details of my personal life from the last year, but let’s just say this is a very different Christmas from the one we had last year.  I am so greatful for family and this year we are really trying to focus on just enjoying having everyone around.  We’re focusing on relaxing and not worrying about the small stuff.  We’re focusing on the love that was and is brought into this world.  And we’re missing those who are no longer here.

May your family be creating many new and joyful memories this Christmas.  Wishing you lots of love, light and joy.


Priscilla and Ben are really amazingly sweet and adorably in love.  It’s so easy to see how much Ben ADORES Priscilla and I totally get why - she is not only GORGEOUS but also so kind hearted.  They had a beautiful white and cream wedding at some of the best locations in the city while being surrounded by their family and friends - just what wedding celebrations should be about: celebrating with those you love.  It was so clear how much their families and friends love them as they just kept coming up to us and telling us so all day.    This was a long day - 17 hours I think, and we have such a beautiful collection of moments and memories that it is IMPOSSIBLE To share them all.  Like the beautiful tradition of respecting the elders that occured before both tea ceremonies, the joy and laughter during the tea ceremonies, Priscilla’s dad singing at her reception and the C-RAZYYYYYY games that occured for ben to be able to marry Priscilla and that happened during the reception.  Everyone was just truly there to have a good time.  So, Here are just a few of the beautiful moments and details we have to share.

Priscilla not only had a gorgeous gown but also her sparkly Louboutins

The ceremony was STUNNING and was held in front of the lake at Van Dusen Gardens.  Loved all the white Decor.

Priscilla and Ben released two white doves to symbolize the loss of their dearest family members who I’m sure were there with them on this gorgeous day

They’re gorgeous and in love!

More beautiful decor at the Starlight Casino’s Kirin Restaraunt

Loved this moment of joy from Priscilla’s sisters and bridesmaids during the toasts

And During the first dance I nearly had a heart attack as Priscilla’s uncles shot these confetti canons during their first dance. Scared me to death but made for gorgeous photos.

And the night parties on…

Happy Easter!

BRENDA + DOUG - A cherry blossom + beach engagement session

Brenda and Doug are two of the smartest, funniest and sweetest people we know.  Their session took place last spring when the amazing cherry blossoms were out for the Easter Weekend.  And since we’re noticing that the cherry blossoms are coming and that the Easter Bunny is too we thought we’d share just a few from this gorgeous setting.  We were lucky and happened to stumble upon these perfectly lit cherry blossoms during their session.  These two prove pretty lucky when it comes to locations because we also stumbled upon an awesome location on their wedding day too.  I just love love love how happy these two are together.  They make each other laugh none stop.  You really can feel the love.  Enjoy these Springy images - full of love!


Happy Friday Everyone!!!! We are SOOOOOOO excited for Andrea and Mike whose gorgeous and colourful wedding is being featured on Learn Love today :)  This wedding always brings a smile to my face and so does LearnLove so let’s just say this is a match made in heaven - hee hee :)  Be sure to check out the beautiful feature here at LearnLove

A Rooftop Vancouver Engagement Session - Amanda + Rob - THE WESTIN BAYSHORE

It’s officially spring here in Vancouver (although, at this moment you wouldn’t really know it).  The sun that came out today has been replaced by a downpour of rain - although this is pretty typical for Vancouver.  Rain, Rain, Rain - all the time.  The good thing though is that lots of rain means lots of green trees and pretty flowers.

The best part of spring is that it brings lots of ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS!!! HOORAY!!! We are totally looking forward to all of our awesome engagement sessions for this year and realized that we are really behind on blogging some pretty awesome engagements session that have happened over the past season.

To start off the spring engagement session bloganza we’ll start with one of our most epic ones to date - the engagement session of Amanda + Rob.

When it comes to choosing locations we always start with our couples.  We work with them and find out about their lives, jobs, passions, shared experiences, travels, etc to come with an idea that is all about them and hopefully a bit unique.  Well, when it comes to unique - how about the rooftop of the Westin Bayshore at sunset!!! Oh, and for fun, let’s through in the premiere International Suite too!  Sounds pretty cool to me.  Of course it helps when the groom works at this amazing hotel.  And a big big big shout out to the Westin hotels and resorts - they are one of our fave hotel chains and have THE MOST COMFORTABLE BEDS EVER!!!!

So without further ado…

Amanda and Rob are just totally awesome!  We first met them a few years back at the wedding of Chandra + Jeff because Amanda is Chandra’s sister.  You know us, we love getting to know families and being able to shoot Amanda and Rob’s wedding was super special.  Amanda and Rob are all about having a great time in life and want to take as much time as they can to pursue their passions like travelling and photography.  Amanda is also a fellow photographer who is working hard at building her business - can’t wait to see what this amazing girl does.  You can check out her facebook page here.

Anyway… we had an amazing time with these two at their session and at their amazing two day wedding.

I also found out that I’m a tad scared of heights.  Due to safety regulations none of us could get very close to the edge - and thank goodness because my poor little heart wouldn’t be able to handle that.  But check out a few shots of these two totally working it!!!  Thanks again guys for such an epic session!

Happy Spring

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